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Installation and Dismantling

Various specialized platforms and elevators, especially due to their full compliance with occupational safety principles, are preferred for use in different fields. After the regulations implemented in this sector, the emphasis has shifted to human health and safety, allowing the use of elevators, scaffolds, and platforms that ensure these requirements. The crucial point is to carry out both the installation and dismantling carefully. Nature Platform, an experienced company in installation and dismantling services, successfully provides these services.

Installation and Dismantling Services for Mobile Facade Platforms

Mobile platforms are among the most widely used products, especially during construction and external facade cleaning and painting. There are various types of them, some of which move automatically with the help of arms or buttons, while others have different systems. Particularly, platforms with long lengths and protective bars stand out among the most used models. It is essential to install them immediately after their transportation.

This process requires a professional approach. After checking the TSE certificate, conducting ground analysis, and completing static calculations, the procedures are initiated. Once the necessary checks are ensured, the platform is prepared for use. The dismantling process is crucial, and lowering the platform completely to the ground is of great importance. Our company, as a provider of installation and dismantling services, accomplishes this smoothly.

Installation and Dismantling Services for Suspended Scaffolds

Installation and dismantling services also apply to suspended scaffolds. Used at very high points for the smooth operation of the responsible personnel, these scaffolds work with a hanging method. There are various types such as facade scaffolds, spatial work scaffolds, and formwork scaffolds. They provide significant advantages in terms of transporting necessary materials and enabling personnel to work. The installation process is as follows:

  1. All precautions are taken to prevent possible accidents.
  2. The scaffold to be installed must fully comply with TSE standards. After checking if it meets the specified criteria, various tests are performed on the ground.
  3. Ensuring that surfaces with fillings or soil are appropriately prepared is crucial.
  4. Subsequent mathematical calculations, called static calculations, are performed.
  5. Our company, with experienced personnel specialized in both installation and dismantling, completes the process seamlessly.

Installation and Dismantling Services for Freight Elevators

Within the framework of installation and dismantling services, the installation of freight elevators and their professional dismantling is crucial. Freight elevators perform vertical transportation while also serving for the transportation of goods and personnel in the relevant area. They come in both open and closed versions, with a minimum capacity of around 630 kg and some types capable of carrying up to 22,000 kg. The installation process involves various devices depending on the size of the product, and after testing and trial, it becomes ready for use.

Installation and Dismantling Services for Facade Elevators

During the installation of facade elevators, the first step is to place them balanced on the ground. Then, the measurement process is initiated. After the realization of the base through the chassis part, the number of towers is determined. It is crucial that there are a maximum of 4 towers. Their connection is made, and the elevator becomes ready for use. The dismantling process involves the reverse of these steps. Ensuring that mathematical calculations are performed during both screwing and platform placement prevents possible accidents.

How are the Prices for Installation and Dismantling Services?

Our company, providing installation and dismantling services for various elevators, platforms, and scaffolds, achieves successful results with experienced staff while prioritizing occupational safety criteria. Additionally, safety criteria are always considered. The prices for installation and dismantling services may vary based on the type of equipment used, the complexity of the job, and the duration of the work. As Nature Platform, we aim to offer quality services at affordable prices. For detailed information about pricing, you can contact our company.

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