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Facade Platform

Mobile Platform

A mobile platform stands out as a specialized system used both internally and externally, highly functional, enabling various tasks to be performed at elevated locations. This device, known by this name due to its capability to be moved, is widely used due to its prioritization of safety and its functional features.

Single Tower Platform

The mobile platform, with different types based on usage preferences, includes various options. One of these is the product known as the single tower platform. The platform is mounted on a single tower, which is located in the center of the platform. This configuration ensures successful balance.

It can be used in various types of structures, especially ideal for areas with limited external facades. This is because a single tower platform offers significant advantages in narrow spaces. Various operations can be carried out using this platform, and its features vary, including height and capacity.

Double Tower Platform

Utilized in buildings with extensive external facades, the double tower platform draws attention with different features. The structure, defined as towers, consists of two towers installed on the ground. First, the durability and smoothness of the ground are examined, considering TSE certificates and standards. After necessary mathematical calculations, the towers must be fixed at a certain distance from each other. This ensures a more robust support point.

The primary reason for having two towers is the length of the platform. It is not practical to transport and move such a platform over a single tower due to its length. This could pose risks that might compromise occupational safety. Therefore, two towers are preferred instead of one.

Application Area of Mobile Facade Platform

Looking at the application area of the mobile platform, painting and plastering processes come to the forefront. Painting the external facades of tall buildings becomes easier with the help of the platform. The same applies to plastering. It can also be used for repair, cleaning, maintenance, and material transportation.

Features of Mobile Facade Platform

  • The mobile platform, with its special system, ensures the successful completion of all necessary tasks in highly elevated external areas.
  • It is divided into two main types: single and double tower platforms.
  • When looking at single tower platforms, there are various options for maximum height. Some models can reach up to 200 meters, providing significant advantages to users and businesses.
  • Lifting capacity also varies. Many products with capacities exceeding 1000 and 1500 kg are available in the market.
  • The length of single tower platforms is shorter compared to double towers, ranging between 13 and 14 meters, or even less.
  • Platform widths are generally around 2 meters.
  • Climbing speed varies and is calculated per minute. Single tower platforms can move in an area of 8 to 9 meters within one minute.

Mobile Facade Platform Prices

The prices of mobile platforms vary depending on their features. Nature Platform offers reasonable prices for purchase. Factors such as motor power, distance between anchors, climbing speed, number of towers, width, length, capacity, and height determine the pricing.

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